Blanka had a daughter? With who?


BOD: 8 STR: 8 TGH: 8 MOV: 8
REF: 6 AGL: 6 DEX: 6 SPD: 6
MND: 4 INT: 4 CHA: 4 PER: 4 WIL: 4
SUP: 0


Martial Arts: (5) 13
Survival: 10
Intrusion: 10
Intimidation: 11
Contact: Blanka (No Biggie)
Punch: STR
Kick: STR+2


THE SHOCKER – Result+STR+WIL 3 Shot (End Only) -2 DV for 3 Shot after
Using this attack, the practitioner electrocutes her body by building up a static electric charge in her muscles, causing electricity to course through anyone unfortunate enough to be standing somewhat close. In doing this, it’s unpleasant for the practitioner as well, so Willpower has quite a bit to do with the damage to this attack, and it does hurt so for a few moments after the attack the practitioner is a little easier to hit.

Flying Roll – Result+STR+1/2MOV 3 Shot (End Only) -3 DV for 3 Shot After 6 shots if Missed
Using this attack, the character rolls into a ball and launches herself at the foe, somehow maintaining momentum. This act is, of course, very VERY disorienting and confusing, so she is easier to hit for a few while after. If the mark is missed, it’s even more disorienting for a longer time since the spinning happens as she shoots across the screen.

OM NOM NOM – Result+STR+d6 Closed Snap to 1 shot -1DV to Target when used in a combo
When the practitioner uses this move, she can open her mouth considerably wide. Freakishly wide. Horrifyingly wide. And with this horrific unhinging jaw, she will chomp on her foe’s head. Naturally, this will throw off the target of this attack, as it is a bit disorienting and scary to have one’s head chewed on by another human…looking…thing.


After all of his adventures on the Street Fighting circuit, Blanka finally settled down with the girl of his dreams. Sure, he ended up putting a little bow and some lipstick on a capybara, but hey. Don’t judge. I mean, the jury’s really still out as to whether or not Blanka is really human anymore…

Shortly after, Mrs. Blanka gave birth to Blankette. This was a bit of a small litter for her mom, but hey. Blankette trained with her dad day and night, and once Blanka felt comfortable with it, he gave her the uniform of her people. Blankette wore her cut offs with pride, even if they were a little shorter than they should be.


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