Chub Li

Chun Li and E Honda's Daughter


BOD: 6 STR: 6 TGH: 6 MOV: 6
REF: 5 AGL: 5 DEX: 5 SPD: 5
MND: 7 INT: 7 CHA: 7 PER: 7 WIL: 7
SUP: 0

Martial Arts: 12
Seduction: 12
Drive: 10
Leadership: 11
Deceit: 11
Detective: 10
Info: Internet: 12

Punch: STR+1
Kick: STR+2


Thigh Press: Result+STR+1/2AGL 3 Shot (End Only) -3 DV for 3 Turns When Missed
Where to start with this one. In one of the more questionable martial arts techniques, the practitioner jumps forward so her thighs rest on the shoulder of the opponent. Then, if she is agile enough, she squeezes her thighs closed and does a flip in the air, slamming the foes head into the ground. For the less agile practitioner, she simply just rides her foe onto the ground. Either way. ouch.

Flying Headbutt: Result+STR+MOV 3 Shot (End Only) -2 DV for 3 shots when missed, -4 DV when hit
This move turns the practitioner into a human torpedo, doing precisely what it says on the tin. Yes, she launches forward. Yes, she barrels towards her opponent. Yes, she’s going head first. When she misses the target, the practitioner is more than a little confused. That said, when she actually hits the target, she’s even more confused. Repeated blows to the head, no matter how many times you do it, still HURTS.

Slap Fight!!!: Result+DEX+D6 Open 3 Shot End Only
Sure, it’s really called the Hundred Hand Slap and all, but Slap Fight!!! sounds more fun. If you don’t think so, shut it. Sure. With this move, the practitioner slaps her hands forward, forming a wall of hands. This technique is less about putting all of one’s strength into a single blow, it’s more about overwhelming the foe by throwing many repeated slaps.


During her time in the Street Fighting circuit, Chun Li had many opponents. Perhaps the most difficult battle she faced was for her heart. For far too long, she was in denial. Why would she find fat guys hot? She’s always around these super ripped guys, all .5% body fat and all, but she never felt as good. As REAL. as when she was in E Honda’s arms before he threw her to the ground.

The two formed a relationship quickly, and they retired together in Japan. Not soon after, Chun Li gave birth to Chub Li, a beautiful plump baby girl. E Honda saw the opportunity, and felt it was unfair that Sumo was largely a male dominated sport and decided to train the best and most powerful female sumo wrestler the world has ever known. Chub Li was always reminded that her large frame was her beauty overflowing out of her body.

Chub Li

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