Adopted Daughter of Balrog and Vega


BOD: 9 STR: 9 TGH: 9 MOV: 9
REF: 5 AGL: 5 DEX: 5 SPD: 5
MND: 5 INT: 5 CHA: 5 PER: 5 WIL: 5
SUP: 0

Martial Arts: 10
Info: Animal Husbandry: 11
Intimidate: 9
Intrusion: 9
Seduce: 8

Punch: STR+1
Kick: STR+2

Fist Sweep: Result+STR+D6 Snapshot to 1 -1AV to Next Attack in Combo, +1 Damage to Next
With this maneuver, the Sweet Scientist lands a crouching blow to the ankle of her opponent. This makes the opponent fall to the ground, making it difficult to connect the next attack in the combo, but it also makes the next attack in the combo hurt more since there’s no footing and no way to roll with the blows.

Wall Spring: Result+AGL+STR 3 Shots (End Only) +3 DMG to next attack received
Using this technique, the practitioner bounds off of the screen. For some reason, those engaged in Street Fighting have a hard time looking up, even when their foe is no longer in their field of vision. And seriously, those are some strong legs, yo. Not even an Olympic track and field star can jump like 20 feet in the air, but yeah. The practitioner will then land with fists out and make with the punchie ouchies, using both their strength and the momentum from the jump. On landing, hit or miss, the practitioner is more likely to get a sprain from the next attack right after landing from the tension required for just such a jump.

Bull Rush: Result+STR+1/2 MOV Snapshot to 1 -1 AV to next attack in combo, -3 DV for 3 shots
The Practitioner will perform a wild, uncontrolled charge towards the enemy with fist outstretched. No matter how random and ungraceful this may look, it actually does smart when it connects. That said, the wind-up and wind-down of the attack make it pretty obvious, so it paints a large target right on the midsection of the practitioner after completion. It will not knock a foe away, so it can be useful in a combo.


When Vega and Balrog could no longer stand that the oppressively homophobic policies that Shadaloo had in place, the two lovers decided to fake their own deaths and move to Iowa to raise Welsh Corgis. Eventually the two wanted to adopt a child and form a family. They adopted Galrog, a girl of mixed descent from both of their ethnicities.

Balrog, being the more brash and headstrong of the two, decided that there was no way that any daughter of his wasn’t going to be able to defend herself, and he began teaching her Boxing. Vega tried to introduce Galrog to his Spanish Ninjitsu (?! Seriously? That’s what they call what he does. I don’t get it either, friends.), but she is not quite taking to it as quickly given her frame is more stout than lithe. As such, she wears a mask much like Vega so her other father doesn’t feel left out.


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